Part 1: About The Authors And Their Journey With Prelude

The day I completed my Ph.D. in psychology was the most conflicted day of my life. While my mind had been crammed with theories, my heart cried out for wisdom. I wanted to be a healer, not a repository of ideas about the human psyche.

My education was like reading about ‘love’—the physiology, chemistry, biology, and brain waves were all very interesting, but paled by comparison to the actual experience of ‘falling in love’. Until you can embody the true meaning of love, as personal knowledge, you have no way to convey that understanding to others. This formidable challenge was my professional dilemma.

I had studied the models and methods of the great psychologists like Carl Jung and Eric Erickson, but this did not make me one of them. These great healers embodied attributes and abilities that enabled them to convey deeper truths. Healers can only convey what they embody. I knew this to be an immutable truth.

My heart relentlessly gnawed at my soul and thrusted me forward. In abject despair, I cried out to the Universe, not as a beggar, but rather as the rightful child demanding my lawful inheritance of wisdom. My quest for the secrets of the human condition would not be quenched by anything less than the ultimate truth.

Shortly after this heartfelt demand, a life altering event occurred. I awoke on a leisurely Saturday morning and in a flash, a shift in conscious perception occurred, as if my inner vision had fully opened. I cannot say whether what occurred next was a brief moment or an extended period of time. All accounting was eclipsed by the direct experience. I ‘saw’ the entire story of Prelude, frame by frame, page by page. The story was told to me in vivid, exquisite detail. It was an indescribable experience to see the characters—George, Carol, Iris, Doctor Lee—and hear their stories, revealing all the details of their compelling journey in its entirety. The story was vividly alive. I was mesmerized and awestruck. When the story was complete, I heard an inner voice say, ‘not now’.

Not now! My unbridled enthusiasm wanted to shout this story from the rooftops. However, I felt so humble and privileged to be witness to this account that I obediently honored the source that had shared this story with me. The question I asked year in and year out for decades was, “why would you give me this narrative and have me just be its guardian?”

Year after year I wondered why I had been chosen to be the keeper of this saga and why it was to be sequestered for a quarter of a century.

It was only in the 20-20 vision of hindsight that I came to understand the twenty-five year gap. This story was both the answer to my quest and a gift beyond measure for my personal transformation.

I was in search of the truth to understand the root cause of human suffering and the source of happiness. Initially, as a young and inexperienced doctor, I was like a ship adrift on an uncharted sea. Why were so many people suffering and challenged in every aspect of life? I knew that until I could comprehend the core organizing principles of life, I would be unable to answer this question. Without the correct answers, I’d be unable to be of any guidance to help my clients and students. I had seen so many short-term cures that didn’t last. My gold standard was endurance—the healings had to stand the test of time.

Meanwhile, throughout all the intervening years Prelude reverberated through my heart and soul. It was given to me for a specific reason. It was my teacher. I had to learn the lessons that were Prelude’s underpinnings—disseminating the higher truths of life through a story that shatters the myth of death.

The old cliché of, ‘be careful what you ask for,’ was never truer than in my sincere, though naiveté request. My personal development unfolded through the fires of purification and spiritual testing. It was as if the Universe replied, “Okay, you want to be a healer, here's the curriculum. Let’s see if you have what it takes to master the lessons.”

Consequently, as a psychologist in private practice and as teacher, I’ve specialized in the science of transformation and the art of healing—dedicated to the restoration of soul, mind, body health by activating our inherent core–level abilities.

I’ve also had the privilege to be a co-founder of KnoU Profiles—a powerful tool for self-discovery with the goal to empower individuals through self knowledge. It is only through greater self-awareness that we gain the ability to more fully manifest our true potential and embrace our real purpose in life. To learn more, please visit

If you would like learn more about the author’s Soul Mind Body Healing Services or to contact the author please visit:

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Prelude—The Screenplay, co-authored with Robert Clampett.


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