April 14, 2015

A recent article in The Atlantic features scientific research into human consciousness beyond the moment of death. Such research verifies similar findings reported in Prelude. Take time to read this startling account of the latest in cutting-edge scientific discovery on the continuance of life.


Read the full Atlantic article here

March 30, 2015

A 10-year-old boy's account of what he calls his previous life has many wondering if reincarnation is real.


Watch the video on NBC here

March 25, 2015

My journey with Doctor Malakoff, Cheryl that is, began with a phone call from a dear friend and colleague asking if I might be available to assist a locally based psychologist in writing a book. Having recently been relieved of duties as Editor of a national magazine and just wrapping up a collaborated screenplay with a Hollywood writer, I welcomed the opportunity. Little did I know what lay in store.

After a pleasant interview session with Cheryl and her husband in her elegant Woodinville, Washington home, I felt I’d done pretty good job of selling my skills, having presented copies of two of my previous books and about a dozen magazine articles; only to learn later that the primary reason for my being selected was based more on my numerology chart than my credentials.

The first step for my research required attending Cheryl’s two-weekend-long seminars to experience first-hand the mechanics of the self-improvement course she taught, titled “The Transformation Lessons,” a somatic and spi...

March 24, 2015

The day I completed my Ph.D. in psychology was the most conflicted day of my life. While my mind had been crammed with theories, my heart cried out for wisdom. I wanted to be a healer, not a repository of ideas about the human psyche.


My education was like reading about ‘love’—the physiology, chemistry, biology, and brain waves were all very interesting, but paled by comparison to the actual experience of ‘falling in love’. Until you can embody the true meaning of love, as personal knowledge, you have no way to convey that understanding to others. This formidable challenge was my professional dilemma.


I had studied the models and methods of the great psychologists like Carl Jung and Eric Erickson, but this did not make me one of them. These great healers embodied attributes and  abilities that enabled them to convey deeper truths. Healers can only convey what they embody. I knew this to be an immutable truth.


My heart relentlessly gnawed at my soul and thrusted me forward. In abject de...

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NBC News: Boy Remembers Amazing Details of Past Life as Hollywood Actor

March 30, 2015

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